“Four Generations at Edleman Ranch” 2018

“Four Generations at Edleman Ranch” features well-worn cowboy boots with each generation leaning on the next. They show the changing styles of their time. On the left are the boots of Elmer Edleman (my father) who started the whole operation located half a mile north of the town of Willow Lake, South Dakota. These were his dress boots so they still had a bit of polish on them but notice the pointed toes. The next pair belong to his son, Myron Edleman, the second generation (my brother) who eventually moved to the “home” place. They were his work boots and are well worn with a little farm residue left on them but the toes have become more rounded and holes have been added for ease in pulling on the boots. The next pair belong to Myron’s son, Marshall Edleman, the third generation (my nephew) who now resides on the “home” place. These boots were made for heavy duty work. Notice the thicker soles so they wear longer. The two pairs on the right belong to Marshall’s two sons, Drew Edleman and Jake Edleman, the fourth generation to join the operation. They each bring their own special knowledge of breeding and raising cattle. These boots have brought the change of a more square toe. Both Elmer and Myron have passed away, Elmer in 1991 and Myron in April 2018, leaving Marshall (the third generation) in charge. In the upper right corner you will find their brand, “Double Bar-Lazy E”!

Giclee’ canvas prints available.
Oil on Canvas 12″ X 36″
Original – Artist’s Collection.